Well-Fed Cross-Writing - Shake The Bottle, Wake The Tiesselew.


Good tours for all

Sweden is the thing ever happened to Scandinavia. I do believe that this is something good for all of us and why not just get this over with by going to Stockholm for a boat tours. I do believe that this should be done as soon as possible because the amount of boats is limited. Why not just book you tour as soon as possible and therefore also get something into this. Yes, I do believe this is something good for all of us and therefore I also recall going on one of these boats as soon as possible. ...

atopic eczema

I have suffered, and still suffer to some extent, from atopic eczema on the hands and forearms. For a while they were covered with itchy bumps that turned into blisters that cracked and oozed, and then dried up and scabbed and I flaked and peeled, and then it started all over again, full circle. I thought I was going to go crazy, especially at night when I would wake up and scratch myself till I cried. I slept with cotton gloves every night, to protect the eczema but also to prevent my nails from digging in.


It is time to change the bedrooms of our two boys. These bedrooms are too childish. The two little men have a lot of ideas and if you don’t pay attention they will start painting right away. We explained that we want the wall stay white. Let’s start by changing the beds. Yesterday I went to some shops with childbeds and they have decided that they both want to sleep high. There are those beds which are higher than normal and under the bed you can have your desk. But most of all they want to have the slide to ...

A lot of dust in our house.

It is amazing to see how much dust there is in our house. I do a lot of dusting every day but it comes back as soon as I turned my heels. It has something to do with the winter and the dry air. That makes our house much more dusty as in the summer. On such days as today with a lot of sun you can see a lot of dust. Because the sun is not so high on the sky yet it looks even worse. We have a custom designed lcd and I have to dust that lcd ...